Tanu Vohra

Dr. Parul is amongst the best gynecologists that I have come across in delhi-ncr. She was very supportive during my entire pregnancy time. She has expertise in handling all the complications with ideas ranging from most modern treatment to the best traditional techniques. However, for me she was more of a psychologist than a gynecologist. Her explanation were much more powerful than the medicines, and trust me I visited thrice during my pregnancy, just to see her positivity, when I was felling depressed amid some severe complications.

The atmosphere she created during C-Sec in the operation theater was stupendous. She with her staff helped me to forget all the fear in OT I had because of some severe carelessness during my first pregnancy and ensured to make my second pregnancy experience, so joyful and stress free that we have now started thinking of the third child. After the C-Sec her magical words "She is a new mother, not a patient" helped me to recover completely in 10 days in this pregnancy, instead of 50 days in first pregnancy. Moreover, she was a no non-sense person and questioned/bashed all the myths of eating restricted food, having restricted bath and even the unnecessary room heating, which othewise makes post-pregnancy an occasion of sacrifice rather than joy.

Never ever got so satisfied from the services of a doctor ever earlier in Delhi-NCR. A women who is going to have her first pregnancy in her guidance will never understand her value since there's nothing to compare. But I can be very sure, that the ill-memories of first pregnancy will not become a deciding factor for planning the second child like me if any women has first pregnancy with her.

I do wish her all the best. And I am sure that she will become the most known and respected gynecologist in the country.

Thanks mam, I owe my life to you.


Dr. Parul is one of the best Gynecologist one can have. We consulted her for our second pregnancy. It was a wonderful journey with her. She guides us through out the pregnancy. She is very caring, understanding and Knowledgeable. She gives full attention to her patients and provides best possible solution. She and her staff are very supportive and available around the clock. She always carries a beautiful smile and positive aura around her which calms you down in any of the situation. Thank you Dr. Parul for your support and guidance. :) We would also like to thank Dr. Sameer Singh who recommended us to her.


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