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what our patients say about us..

I strongly recommend Dr Parul..

Asha Jangir

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Asha Jangir

“My wife’s pregnancy test was positive so we consulted Dr Parul first time. In the first meeting, Dr Parul congratulate us and memorise us that how important this 9 month journey will be for us. Me and my wife realise that we are at the right place. She listened us patiently and answered our all queries (what to eat am what not to eat, what to do and what not to do) in every meeting. Our regular consultation started with Dr after every 3 weeks. Every meeting with Dr Parul provides us more confidence in her. In the second trimester my wife suffered by dengue and we were really worried about our baby. Dr Parul suggested medicines and diet plan to recover from weakness caused by dengue. Dr Parul was always available to listen us... My wife was really worried about her first baby and Dr Parul always motivates her with impressive words.
In the third trimester like everyone we were concerned about the baby’s delivery (normal or c section). Dr Parul ensures us that she will not go for c section until it’s the matter of life of baby and mother.. Before the 3 weeks of due date she performed some examination every week that increases the chances of normal delivery of my wife...
Before the one week of due date my wife and mom got influenced with the discussion of society women for c section... I was not ready to change the doctor and hospital at the last moment so we raised this concern to the Dr Parul. At this time she ensures us the same that she won’t go for c section unnecessarily and asked us to trust her one more week. In the last week of due date Dr Parul remains in touch with us closely and ensures about her availability 24 hours. Mild pain started to my wife 2 days before the due date and after consulting with Dr Parul we rushed to the hospital. She joined the hospital immediately and after 1 hour I got the news from Dr Parul that we are blessed with a cutie baby girl via normal delivery.
I strongly recommend Dr Parul to welcome your new family member.”

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