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what our patients say about us..

Dr. Parul Chopra is an experienced and efficient doctor

Leena Singh

Palam Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana 122017, India

Leena Singh

“My experience with Dr. Parul on this thrilled and jubilant journey was great, delightful and filled with happiness which resulted in tons of joy.  Apart from being an excellent doctor, she has also been an awesome companion to share anything with. During the whole journey, she was with me just like a mother beautifully explained each and every aspect about pregnancy in detail with love and patience. She is very polite and much devoted to her patients.
Dr. Parul Chopra is an experienced and efficient doctor. She is cheerful, friendly and always used to hear my problems very patiently. She has positive attitude and an electrifying smile which puts me in the comfortable zone as soon as I met her. She always explained me the things in a very positive manner and boosted my moral every time whenever I feel down so that the whole pregnancy journey of nine months went smooth. Not a single time in nine months she let me worry or afraid of anything despite some ups & down. She always says that leave all the worries on her, she will manage everything in a perfect manner, and my job is only to be happy and take care of myself and baby. She took very good care of me till day of my delivery. I am thankful to Dr. Parul for making my journey so easy, worriless and comfortable. She had been the biggest support both emotionally and mentally throughout this beautiful journey. I grade her as a very efficient doctor for her excellent way of treating her patients. With the kind of comfort, trust and positivity she provides after every consultation, I strongly recommend Dr. Parul and I wish her all the very best for all her future endeavours.”

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