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what our patients say about us..

Thyroid, PCOS, obesity .. with pregnancy

Priyanka Ghosh

Sector 23, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Priyanka Ghosh

“The best doctor and guide I’ve ever got. Expert in her field and with her friendly nature and always smiling face she solves all my queries and worries. I went to her during my pregnancy and still visiting her for all my health issues. My baby girl just turned 1, many thanks to Dr Parul. 

My pregnancy wasn’t smooth at all. Thyroid, PCOS, Obesity all was there and suddenly I had a preterm labour, I rushed to doctor, after examination we found my mucus plug got opened. Me & my husband almost lost all hopes as we’ve a sad experience before also. But that day after scan when she found baby is fine, she said, “I won’t give up, we’ll try our level best, just stay positive”. These words gave us immense motivation, & I got admitted with strict bedrest with pelvic elevation. It was too hard & almost impossible. But Dr Parul’s visit everyday and her soothing & vibrant voice & smile use to give me much much strength. I literally use to wait for her. She is a gem of a person, she listens to your problems & questions, gives you tone & most importantly makes you comfortable as if you are known to each other so well in your first visit only. I do consider her as my doctor-friend-guide. 40 days at the hospital, she was the only ray of hope we had. I remember the day at 1am I was having pain, she talked to me, and said I’ll be there in 2 mins, and she did come in 2 mins & I delivered my preemie girl. She was so positive that she constantly was motivating me in the labor room while doing her job. 

She also research on new technology & ways to help women, I loved the way she explained her take on mentruation cup, I’m looking forward to use it. Today my girl is a healthy child with no health issues. I wish and want my girl to be a doctor & a person like Dr Parul.
I highly recommend her.”

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