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what our patients say about us..

Thank you Dr Parul for being such an amazing doctor

Richa Karanwal

Sohna Rd, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Richa Karanwal

“I highly recommend Dr Parul, she is very caring, understanding, experienced and knowledgable.

I am so thankful to God that I found Dr Parul for my pregnancy. It was a beautiful journey with her. She is one of the best doctor I have ever met in life. Her beautiful smile and charming personality take off all your worries. I too have ups and downs during my pregnancy but she handled all my problems so beautifully and I always say this to my husband that if doctor is like Dr Parul then pregnancy is super fun.
Her staff is so cooperative always available over a call and respond immediately...

All the medical attention and planning was done by her. She guided me for my diabetes and food chart. Most important she motivated me, listens to me understand whatever I wanted to say even if it’s silly, she patiently listen and advise.

The environment in operation theatre was so cool and comfortable that I wasn’t afraid for a minute and when she asked me what you want and I said baby girl and she hand over the little princess  after a minute that was the best moment of my life...
Thank you Dr Parul for being such an amazing doctor.

I used to feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and positive after meeting her. She instilled me with so much positivity. I really enjoyed my journey with her.
You are the best! And I just love your smile..

I can’t thank you enough for taking care of us. Keep smiling always, God bless you with your choicest blessings!!
Lost of love!!”

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