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what our patients say about us..

the finest Gynecologist in Gurugram


Sector 17, Gurugram, Haryana 122022, India


“Dr. Parul is the finest Gynaecologist in Gurugram. 

The compassion she has towards her patients is truly commendable. The optimism with which she handled my case was a welcome surprise for me as these are the most critical 9 months in a female’s life. Even when I felt down and out carrying the additional responsibility, mood swings, the myths surrounding about pregnancy, she instilled positivity and confidence in me.

During the labour time, I felt I was in safe hands and gave me strength to bring an angel to this world. I feel blessed to be a mother due to her support.
More than medicines, her friendly nature and smile added happiness during my maternity phase.

I am very Thankful to her for tolerating my nuances and infusing strength into me.
Dr. Parul : please keep guiding, smiling, blessing and sharing the positivity to all who approach you.

God bless you.”

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